Validator Setup

How do I set up a Validator?

Here are the instructions:

What’s all this VPS stuff in the Validator instructions?

VPS or Virtual Private Server is a remote machine offered by an internet hosting service. Typically these services provide fast internet, high security, and reliability in uptime - great for running a validator. This is kind of like a middle ground option - you are still running your own validator, but you’re doing it on someone else’s hardware so all of the costs associated with the upkeep of hardware, electricity, etc, are bundled into a monthly fee. This is a great option if your electricity bills are high or you don’t have hardware resources you can dedicate to running a validator at home.

How do I change my Validator public name?

When someone stakes to your validator a list of validators to select from will appear, by default your validator in this list is your VoteID. You are able to change this, making it easier for someone to find your validator. An in-depth guide can be found here:

Validator Identity

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