SafeCoin is a lightning-fast and efficient Proof-of-Stake blockchain network based on the Solana code base. It takes Solana’s best features like its unique Proof-of-History timing mechanism and improves upon the code to make it more accessible to a greater number of people.

Its primary identifier is $SAFE, and it is also a DeFi platform that apps and other tokens can be built upon.

SafeCoin has always had a belief that liberty, truth, and freedom in a digital age are built directly upon the foundations of strong decentralized security and privacy.

SafeCoin is a trademarked name and is not associated with Maidsafe, Anwang’s Safe project, Musksafe, SafeX, Moonsafe, or any of the other projects that have similar names.

$SAFE is SafeCoin’s native coin. Unlike Proof-of-Work currencies like Bitcoin, it can’t be mined. It needs to be purchased, traded for, or acquired via staking rewards (see the section on staking and validating).

The projected maximum supply of SAFE is 36.2 million


SafeCoin is FAST - Thanks to Solana’s unique multithreaded architecture and Proof of History protocol, the SafeCoin network can process an incredible 65,000+ transactions per second. Other blockchains typically range from a few transactions per second (like Bitcoin) to a few thousand (like EOS and Ripple).

It also has lightning-fast finality with transaction completion in under one second. Comparably, Bitcoin is at ~30-60 minutes, Ethereum is at ~5 minutes, and most other altcoins range from a few seconds to a few minutes.

This makes for a highly scalable and suitable platform for a sustainable future.

SafeCoin is Affordable - Transaction fees are significantly less than that of other blockchains. Currently, each SAFE transaction is set at 0.0001 SAFE. Unlike other blockchains, this number will not fluctuate with network activity.

SafeCoin Is Environmentally Friendly - With the power of multi-threading, the SafeCoin network is the world's most energy-efficient crypto using only ~0.0000027kW per transaction.

SafeCoin is Accessible - The main difference between Solana and SafeCoin is that nearly anyone can run their own validator and participate in the network. An important part of SafeCoin is being decentralized, the more people Validating, the greater the decentralization.

SafeCoin is Private - SafeCoin did not have an ICO (Initial Coin Offering), IEO (Initial Exchange Offering), or any initial sales offerings and is not classed as a Security. At no point will the SafeCoin team ask for any of your personal details.

SafeCoin is a Team - SafeCoin is led by a community of people who are passionate about the future of Cryptocurrency and the potential of SafeCoin. You will not find a ‘Team page’, but rather a community of dedicated ‘Safers’ - Come say hi in our Discord chat!

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