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What do I need to run a SAFE Validator?

  • At least a 2-Core CPU with AVX Support (mostly Intel and AMD processors post-2011 - just Search online to confirm your processor has “AVX Support” - required for operation
  • 8GB RAM
  • 20GB SSD storage for a pruned node, 2TB SSD storage for a full history node
  • Linux (it’s possible to run this in a virtual machine with extra setup)
  • Some SAFE that’s delegated to your validator
  • As there is a voting fee, you will need to maintain a voting balance of SAFE. This amount will vary based on how much SAFE has been delegated to your validator. This balance is not automatically replenished.
  • A reasonably fast and steady Internet connection (5mbps)

Why would I run a pruned Validator node vs. a Full-History node?

Running a Full-History node on the network helps increase the decentralization of SafeCoin. A Full-History node records and maintains a full copy of the SafeCoin ledger. As of right now, there are no extra rewards for running a Full-History node, but that is in discussion.