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Various Detailed Guides By MrCoins

Included in this guide are instructions for automatic rebuild, restart and log management + Automating the start up and restart process. There are many other cli-command Instructions as well

Check SafeCoin Balance On Validator

~/Safecoin/target/release/safecoin balance

Validator List

~/Safecoin/target/release/safecoin validators 

Current Epoch Info

~/Safecoin/target/release/safecoin epoch-info

Catch-Up Command

~/Safecoin/target/release/safecoin catchup ~/ledger/validator-identity.json

Deactivate Stake & Start Cool-Down

// Some code~/Safecoin/target/release/safecoin deactivate-stake --stake-authority <KEYPAIR> <STAKE_ACCOUNT_ADDRESS> --fee-payer <KEYPAIR>

Withdraw From Stake Account (after cool-down)

~/Safecoin/target/release/safecoin withdraw-stake --withdraw-authority <KEYPAIR> <STAKE_ACCOUNT_ADDRESS> <RECIPIENT_ADDRESS> <AMOUNT> --fee-payer <KEYPAIR>

Update Commission Rate

~/Safecoin/target/release/safecoin vote-update-commission ledger/validator-vote-account.json <15> ledger/validator-identity.json

Vote Account Voting Statistics

~/Safecoin/target/release/safecoin vote-account <VOTE-ACCOUNT-ADDRESS> 

Truncate The Log File

truncate -s 0 ~/safecoin-validator-*.log 

Recover Your Private Key From The Seed Phrase (when prompted enter seed words separated by spaces)

~/Safecoin/target/release/safecoin-keygen recover -o recovered.json 

Transfer From Vote Account

~/Safecoin/target/release/safecoin withdraw-from-vote-account <VOTE_ACCOUNT_ADDRESS> <RECIPIENT_ADDRESS> <AMOUNT> 

Check Skip Rate

~/Safecoin/target/release/safecoin block-production | grep <VALIDATOR-IDENTITY> 

How to delegate to a validator using the SafeCoin cli-tools and a local wallet on Ubuntu 20.04

You must proceed through Step 4 of the Validator Set Up Instructions (Stop before funding 10 SAFE to the Validator) in order to Delegate from the cli-tools.

Please proceed under caution if you are unfamiliar with these instructions.

# Create Local Wallet

~/SAFE/target/release/safecoin-keygen new -o ~/ledger/wallet.json 

# Set Config To Default To Local Wallet

~/SAFE/target/release/safecoin config set --keypair ~/ledger/wallet.json 

# Send Some Funds To The Local Wallet Address & Check Balance

~/SAFE/target/release/safecoin address
~/SAFE/target/release/safecoin balance 

# Create Local Stake Keypair

~/SAFE/target/release/safecoin-keygen new -o ~/ledger/stake-account.json 

# Create & Fund Stake Account

~/SAFE/target/release/safecoin create-stake-account ~/ledger/stake-account.json <AMOUNT> --from ~/ledger/wallet.json --stake-authority ~/ledger/wallet.json --withdraw-authority ~/ledger/wallet.json --fee-payer ~/ledger/wallet.json 

# Delegate To The Vote Account Of Your Chosen Validator

~/SAFE/target/release/safecoin delegate-stake ~/ledger/stake-account.json <VOTE ADDRESS OF CHOSEN VALIDATOR> --fee-payer ~/ledger/wallet.json --stake-authority ~/ledger/wallet.json

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